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Youth Member Spotlight

Meet a Youth Member Dedicated to Making a Difference

The energy that our youth members bring to Leadership Toledo is exhilarating, and their achievements are inspiring – both for their peers and for the adults they work with. Once each quarter, we focus on an individual youth member and talk with them about their work with Leadership Toledo's youth programs, how it has changed their life, and where they think their experience will take them.

Elizabeth Hildebrandt

Elizabeth Hildebrandt

Ohio Governor's Imagination Library

How and when have you been involved with Leadership Toledo?

I was a member of Youth Leadership Toledo (YLT) from 2013-2014, and of Youth in Philanthropy Executing Excellence (YIPEE) from 2014-2016. I have also served on the Restaurant Week Toledo committee for 2019.


What was your favorite moment or experience throughout your involvement?

My favorite experience was the ceremony awarding grants to local organizations, being able to see the culmination of a years worth of work and the gratitude of the leadership from causes benefiting Toledo was extremely gratifying.


What surprised you the most about your Leadership Toledo experience?

Leadership Toledo was an incredibly positive formative experience for me as a person, I developed a greater appreciation for Toledo and the people working to lead and serve in the community. I do not think I would have connected to the importance of service if I was not fortunate enough to participate in its work for 3 years when I was in high school.


What did you take away from your participation?

Leadership Toledo inspired me to continue working in nonprofits throughout college and into my professional career. The programs educated me in the vital and gratifying work of service to ones community. I was also able to build friendships with similarly passionate people who I am still connected to years later, we have mutually cheered for each other through our development as people and professionals.


What would you tell others who are considering involvement in Leadership Toledo's programs?

Leadership Toledo's programming will inspire in you a love of Toledo and an appreciation for those working to better the community. Above all, you will develop a deeper commitment to improving the world.


What's new since your involvement in LT? 

I have since graduated from the University of Toledo and work at the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library, a nonprofit that gifts books to kids ages 0-5 throughout Ohio to promote early literacy. Leadership Toledo is one of my most cherished experiences and I am grateful to the staff and leadership for impressing in me an appreciation and dedication to service.

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