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Youth Member Spotlight

Meet a Youth Member Dedicated to Making a Difference

The energy that our youth members bring to Leadership Toledo is exhilarating, and their achievements are inspiring – both for their peers and for the adults they work with. Once each quarter, we focus on an individual youth member and talk with them about their work with Leadership Toledo's youth programs, how it has changed their life, and where they think their experience will take them.

Jacob Lesick

Jacob Lesick

Rossford High School

How and when have you been involved with Leadership Toledo?

I have been involved with Leadership Toledo for two years now. I've had the pleasure of representing my school in the Youth Leadership Toledo program, where I would begin to shape myself into the even stronger leader I am today.

I continue to have the pleasure of serving alongside the youth of the area by being a member of Leadership Toledo's Youth in Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence (YIPEE) program.


What was your favorite moment or experience throughout your involvement?

My involvement in Leadership Toledo has given me one of the longest lists of favorites I've ever come across. One of these favorites would be the amount of connections and friendships I've had the pleasure of building during my time here with Leadership Toledo—and I look forward to continue this, wherever I go!


What surprised you the most about your Leadership Toledo experience?

When I first came into Leadership Toledo, I was a fairly quiet person who generally kept to himself. I would've never thought that one organization would start the shift from quiet and kept to himself to vocal and outgoing. Now, thanks to Leadership Toledo, as well as the numerous other organizations I have the pleasure of serving with, I was able to shape myself into the leader that I always wanted to be.


What did you take away from your participation?

I like to think I took so much away from my participation. Ranging from learning how to properly shake one's hand to learning about the abstract different types of leadership, I was able to bring the messages and lessons that have been handed to me through Leadership Toledo and truly show the people around me what it is like to Lead, Connect, Grow, and Serve.


What would you tell others who are considering involvement in Leadership Toledo's programs?

To others who are considering going through the programs Leadership Toledo offers, I urge you to take the opportunity and go for it. Leadership Toledo never fails to provide a thrilling and enlightening experience at any of it's events. It's ability to promote leadership, connection, growth, and selfless servitude to Toledo, and in effect, the World, is outstanding, and something I feel everyone would be ecstatic about being a part of.


What's new since your involvement in LT? 

After I graduated from the Youth Leadership Toledo program, I've made it one of my own personal endeavors to carry the message I've learned in Leadership Toledo wherever I go. After YLT, I've had the pleasure of being a member of a great number of organizations, such as the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY), and even Leadership Toledo's Youth in Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence program. I've also found myself being deeply engaged in my school and my community, more than ever before.

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