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Youth Member Spotlight

Meet a Youth Member Dedicated to Making a Difference

The energy that our youth members bring to Leadership Toledo is exhilarating, and their achievements are inspiring – both for their peers and for the adults they work with. Once each quarter, we focus on an individual youth member and talk with them about their work with Youth Leadership Toledo, how it has changed their life, and where they think their experience will take them.

Maddie McQueen

Maddie McQueen

Toledo School for the Arts

How are you involved with Leadership Toledo – how long have you been involved?

I am a youth board member for the Leadership Toledo board, a member of YiPEE, and a Youth Leadership Toledo alumni. This is my second year being involved in Leadership Toledo. 


What motivated you to join?

I was motivated to join Leadership Toledo because it seemed like a fun and interesting program that would help me support the growth of the young leader I was starting to become. 


What are some of the projects you’ve worked on with Leadership Toledo?

I've worked on a project that created care packages for 150 kids who are a part of the PEACE Project, an organization that helps kids who have been abused or bullied. 


What has been your favorite project or moment?

My favorite moment was knowing how much happiness and hope my project group and I were brining to the kids of the PEACE Project, by showing them that other people cared about them and their welfare. 


What surprised you the most about your participation?

I was most surprised by how much I had to look inside of myself, to figure out how I could best improve our community. Through bettering the community, I've bettered myself, and who I am as a person, something I didn't expect to do. 


What will you take away from your participation?

I will take away more confidence in myself and awareness of my own capabilities, as well as a deeper appreciation for the Toledo community. 


What would you tell others who are considering joining Leadership Toledo?

Leadership Toledo is an organization truly unlike any other. It helps you to grow, and learn new ways to improve others' lives. This organization gives you all the tools you need to become a successful leader, but you have to put the effort in to use them. Leadership Toledo has helped me learn how to stop standing on the sidelines and take charge. 

What difference can you make through Youth Leadership Toledo? Contact us and we’ll explore the possibilities.

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