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Adult Member Spotlight

Meet an Exceptional Member from One of Our Programs

Leadership Toledo’s many accomplishments are only possible through the dedication and hard work of its members. Once each quarter, we spotlight a former program member so you can get to know them a little better – their life outside Leadership Toledo, their goals, their thoughts, and what they've learned from their time in our programs.

Rachael Brinkman

Rachael Brinkman

Paramount Healthcare

How and when have you been involved with Leadership Toledo?

I am a recent graduate of the 2020 Signature Adult Program

What has been your favorite moment or experience throughout your involvement?

There were so many “Aha’ moments within the program year but most memorable were the course days that examined the self. I previously had not taken the time to discover who I was at my core so between the personality and leadership tests I was able to discover me and how I fit in this world.

What surprised you the most about Leadership Toledo?

The leadership pool in Toledo is very large and diverse. There are so many passionate people from different backgrounds and walks of life that all have a similar goal, to collaborate, join forces to make Toledo the Best place to be.

What did you take away from your participation?

Enlightenment in who I am, how I function, and better ways to interact with others based on their personality and leadership styles.

What would you tell others who are considering involvement in Leadership Toledo's programs?

DO IT! It will be a journey that will change the way you see yourself, others and the region where you live. 

What's new since you were involved in Leadership Toledo?

Since completing the program and having a better understanding of my strengths, weakness and passions I joined the Board of Trustees for Leadership Toledo and am attending the Community Leadership Series. I also adopted a beautiful puppy Pitbull Terrier named Kash!

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