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Adult Member Spotlight

Meet an Exceptional Member from One of Our Programs

Leadership Toledo’s many accomplishments are only possible through the dedication and hard work of its members. Once each quarter, we spotlight a former program member so you can get to know them a little better – their life outside Leadership Toledo, their goals, their thoughts, and what they've learned from their time in our programs.

Emily Lewallen

Emily Lewallen

SSOE Group

How and when have you been involved with Leadership Toledo?

I was part of the Leadership Toledo class of 2018

What has been your favorite moment or experience throughout your involvement?

I really enjoyed the day we spent with the Youth Leadership Toledo class touring Toledo area schools and having discussion about a "typical" high schooler's daily routine. It was so fun to connect with the next generation of leaders, and a great opportunity to see the amazing things our local education systems are accomplishing.

What surprised you the most about Leadership Toledo?

While I don't know if this was a surprise, I was blown away by my fellow classmates. Each member of the LT class was passionate about our city, and making it a better place. It was such a positive and personally motivating atmosphere.

What did you take away from your participation?

Working with Heartbeat of Toledo was such a learning experience. It's incredible to see the services nonprofits are able to provide with limited finances. It taught me how to work better within a team, be flexible, and meet your clients where they are, not where you think they should be.

What would you tell others who are considering involvement in Leadership Toledo's programs?

The time and effort you put into this program will come back to you ten-fold. The things I learned during LT, both about myself, and the community, still benefit me to this day. Take the leap of faith, and apply!

What's new since you were involved in Leadership Toledo?

Shortly after Leadership Toledo graduation (October 2018) I got married! My husband, Sean, and I recently moved to Sylvania township to our "forever home".

Professionally, I am still with SSOE Group and have expanded my role to include oversight of two US business units, as well as our international operations.

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