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Adult Member Spotlight

Meet an Exceptional Member from One of Our Programs

Leadership Toledo’s many accomplishments are only possible through the dedication and hard work of its members. Once each quarter, we spotlight an individual member so you can get to know them a little better – their life outside Leadership Toledo, their goals, their thoughts, and what they’ve learned from their service and participation.

Joe Wieligman

Joe Wieligman


How are you Involved with Leadership Toledo – how long have you been involved?

I am a graduate from the Class of 2015 (according to my sources, the best class ever) and have served on the Board of Trustees since the Fall of 2015.  As of right now, I currently hold the role of Board President.

What was the group project that you worked on?

The Children’s Theatre Workshop came to us looking for organizational help in marketing and establishing an operational calendar.  Not only did we help them establish annual timelines for their events and programs, we were able to help them with a new logo which more closely aligned with the organization. 

What has been your favorite project or moment?

YLT Graduation!!!  Listening to each of these High School Sophomores present their projects, outcomes, and lessons learned is an amazing afternoon.  My second favorite moment is the ability to conduct mock interviews with YLT students.  Everyone should be so lucky to help these students prepare for the next steps in their lives.

What surprised you the most about Leadership Toledo?

That the organization is focused on both youth and adults.  As I came into the organization, I only knew of the adult class.  After serving on the board, I have come to realize that this organization is helping to build a tremendous foundation of young leaders for our region.   All of the leaders (youth and adult) are committed to the betterment of our region and serving in a manner that elevates Toledo. 

What did you take away from your participation?

Not being a native of Toledo, I quickly learned about our region.  I learned of the societal needs and offerings as well as the history.  I was also able to make many connections that I would have never made within the community had it not been for LT.

What would you tell others who are considering going through the program?

You may think you know about Toledo, but LT takes your knowledge and passion about the community to a new level.  Every month you become more engaged with a different aspect of this area and find new ways to be a part of the community.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for our area? Do you have any insight addressing those challenges?

Brain Drain.  We have amazing youth and schools in this community.  We need to find a way to make sure that they keep their talents here versus moving to other cities for more opportunity.  This is an amazing area – we can’t have our best/brightest thinking that they need to be somewhere else to succeed.

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