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Our History

A Look at Leadership Toledo Through the Years

Leadership Toledo began in 1976 when members of Trinity Episcopal Church were looking for ways to enhance the downtown community which surrounded them. They established a not-for-profit corporation called Levis Square Ministries, which presented programs at a coffeehouse called “My Brother’s Place.” The programs soon grew to include one-day forums on topics of concern to the community.

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The success of the forums led to the creation of ToledoScape in 1980 to foster community involvement among leaders and potential leaders in the greater Toledo area. A decade later, ToledoScape became Leadership Toledo. And seven years later, the board of Leadership Toledo decided that they should expand to offer the same benefits to area youth – and Youth Leadership Toledo was born.

In 1998, the Toledo Community Foundation asked Leadership Toledo to expand its youth programs to include philanthropy. In response, we created Youth in Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence (YIPEE) – a program providing area high school students an opportunity to learn about philanthropy. Each year, YiPEE raises and distributes funds for not-for-profit organizations that deal with issues affecting the lives of teenagers.

Youth Jefferson Awards/Students in Action was added in 2009 as the third youth program for Leadership Toledo. SIA is a partnership between Leadership Toledo and Multiplying Good (formerly the Jefferson Awards), a national organization with a long history of recognizing community members for service.

Each of these programs continue to be housed inside Trinity Episcopal Church – the place where Leadership Toledo first set down roots. We’re proud to continue to help our region and its leaders grow and thrive, making Toledo stronger each day by instilling a sense of service and dedication to our community.


Levis Square Ministries offers lunch programs and one-day forums


ToledoScape (later known as Leadership Toledo) was formed


ToledoScape becomes Leadership Toledo


Leadership Toledo creates Youth Leadership Toledo


Leadership Toledo begins youth philanthropy program known as YIPEE


Establish Students In Action partnership with Network for Good (formerly the Jefferson Awards)


Leadership Toledo merges with Center for Servant Leadership


Become part of Leadership Toledo’s history and make a positive change in our area for generations to come

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