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Introducing Leadership Toledo's New Logo

Leadership Toledo Logo


Leadership Toledo has a brand new look! Over its 39 year history our organization has had just three logos, each being introduced by its former Executive Directors, Terry Hunt, Karen Landis and Dave Schlaudecker. Anna Toney, who took the reins in 2017 and is Leadership Toledo’s fourth Executive Director, is unveiling a refreshed logo to reflect the organization’s vision statement:

Leadership Toledo exists to cultivate a community of leaders dedicated to serving with authenticity and purpose.

The new logo appears to have two interlocking links, which is representative of Leadership Toledo’s commitment to connect individuals to other community members, organizations and causes. It also signifies strength in partnerships and community collaboration.

We think this new look, designed by the talented folks at Concentrek Group, embodies our vision and brings it to life in a fresh and creative way.


Leadership Toledo Logo badge